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Thursday, November 4th, 2004

Time:12:48 am.
I am selling my DAWG PACK ticket to the Arizona game on saturday. Price is negotiable. If anyone is interested in buy, please EMAIL me asap.


thank you!!

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Time:10:45 am.
There might be a sex offender rehabilitation house over on 5th Ave NE (right on the other side of the freeway) in Wallingford. It’ll be a couple blocks from my house. I know a lot of other UW students live in the area. I was wondering if any other students are a part of any organization that are protesting its leasing the house. I'd like to think that i believe in second chances and what not, but this is just really close to home. If worse comes to worse, anyone know a place to get mace in the u-dist? Also isnt there already sex offender house in the u-dist?

Potential offender house riles residents

By Garrett McCulloch
November 04, 2004

A few registered sex offenders will likely be headed to a Wallingford house, and the neighbors are less than happy about it.

Providence House, a program designed to house and treat released sex offenders, recently leased a house 5019 5th Ave. NE, just west of Interstate 5.
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Subject:Mua Oi
Time:11:09 am.
Did anyone catch the screening of this film (Mua Oi) last night on campus? I missed it, and was wondering a) how it was, b) if the director was there to answer questions and c) if it is screening anyplace else in Seattle.

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Subject:Can someone explain this to me?
Time:4:51 pm.
I've lived in the U-District for 4 years, and I think it's time to ask.

One of the houses on 45th (probably a Greek house?) gets covered in election signs after each election.

Photo behind cut. I know it sucks.Collapse )

Mean prank? Recycling service? I haven't been able to figure it out.

Anyone know why?
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Time:5:57 pm.
Is Lab 241 suppose to be taken with CHEM237?
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Subject:needle in the haystack
Time:6:04 pm.
has anyone taken both STAT/ECON 311 and PSYCH 317+318? how hard is each class? how does the two compare? can STAT 311 substitute for PSYCH 317 officially?

i prefer not to relearn basic stats.

thank you.
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Subject:Preferred Class Schedule
Time:7:43 pm.
Does anyone know whether or not we are still required to fill out the Preferred Class Schedule before registering? My registration page won't even let me choose winter quarter. Thanks!
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Subject:Class ideas?
Time:8:41 pm.
Mood: meh..
Okay, so I am done with all my English requirements except my thesis, but I still have 18 more credits to go. I pretty much have free reign, but I have no idea what to take, so I'm looking for recommendations of classes that people like and that don't have pre-reqs.

Some things I'd like to take classes in: Latin American studies/literature, logic (especially! but I can't find any classes, though I know they exist), women's studies, race studies (for lack of a better term), political science, education, basic computer stuff (thoughts on this particularly?).

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