November 3rd, 2004

nerdular nerdulence

connecting to the uw libraries from off-campus

Rejoice all off-campus-ers! An easy connection to the UW's library system is at hand!

Seriously, though, I could never get the original old method to work (because I am mainly computer-dumb), and this new proxy service works like a charm. No more late nights in the computer labs on campus for me, no-no...

I thought I'd spread the good news. Enjoy.
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Would the UW's financial aid office be able to give legal advice regarding an UTMA account, or is there any other university resource that can help me with that? (My intended major is in the DXARTS program; however, my father, the custodian of my UTMA account, has religious objections to this field, and is threatening to not pay for my college if I go into it. In my state, his custodianship over the account will expire when I'm 21, but I know that he can put an extension on that, up until I'm 25, I think. I'm worried that he will try to do this, so I need to get some advice on what exactly I should do.)

al jr.

has anyone taken a Sociology class from Al Black and enjoyed it? I'm currently in his class and ready to drop it. i dont understand how hes still teaching i alone on this or what?
hugh laurie
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psych study

anyone interested in a psych study? we need 9 more male subjects to complete the pilot study for Social Perception. sign ups at basement of Guthrie with usual proportion of hours of participation versus extra credit.

we could really use some help because we need male subjects to conclude pilot study so we can move on to the main study, which is a key component of someone's PhD thesis.

thank you