October 30th, 2004

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Great idea seennotheard

Now is the time when I extend my very special, once every four year offer... of which this is the first.

If, on election day, you

A) Find yourself with no way to get to your local polling place
B) Are voting for John Kerry
C) Live in the greater Seattle area

I will give you a free ride. Send me a free text message including your phone number and I will then call you, and we will figure out the specifics of this. On Tuesday, I will be in classfrom 9:30 am until 2:30pm but after that I am free...

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has anyone done either the CHID Rome Program, or the UW English Dept. London program? if so, what'd you think of your experience? i'm thinking about doing one of them...not sure though and can't decide which! comments appreciated.

thank you :)

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has anyone taken spanish 301? i got ap credit, and can go into it - but haven't taken spanish since sr. year of high school, and this is my second year at the uw, so it's been about 1.5 years. is 301 do-able? are the teachers good and helpful?

muchas gracias! :)

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Hey, I live on campus but registered to vote w/ my permanent address down in Pierce County, my parents say that my absentee ballot never came. Do I have to go down to pierce county to vote in person?