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Wednesday, October 27th, 2004

Subject:Sweet Mother of Mercy
Time:1:17 am.
Mood: annoyed.
Only seven more days until the elections are over....
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Subject:Phi Alpha Theta
Time:12:08 pm.
Hi, we'll I found myself being the Site Admin. to Phi Alpha Theta's Message Board. Phi Alpha Theta's is University of Washington's History Club. Anyone's who's taking a History class is encourage to join the club, where we have peers that can edit papers, give advice on papers, projects, etc. This message board is just a way for everyone, member or not, to check out info, news, events regarding Phi Alpha Theta. Check it out! Get to know more people!


*For the time being; please registering using your real names. Thanks!
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Time:12:16 pm.
I live in a studio in the U-District right now and have been considering renting a room in a house instead, mostly to save money. I lived in the dorms last year and then went straight to my own apartment, so I'm not sure what I'm doing when it comes to finding rooms.

Mostly I don't want to end up living with a bunch of crazies or having a skeezy landlord. I remember awhile back there was a post of landlords to avoid in the U-District, but I can't find it. Any tips for going about this process? I'm wary of the 'room for rent' signs I always see along 17th & 18th. I wouldn't know anyone in the house, so it's intimidating.

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Subject:Anyone in or been in Chem 152?
Time:6:29 pm.
Hey all:

My lab partner and I didn't complete our Lab #2 for Chemistry 152. Of course we get massive points taken off, but our TA has said that we can use the results of another group in our lab section, as long as we write a footnote about why we didn't finish (stupidity, mostly), whose data it is, etc.

Our teacher emailed us with the emails of those that finished the lab this past Saturday (only three groups!). I emailed them for their data, but none have responded, dammit!

Can anyone email me with the data from part C on Lab #2 if they still have it? It is the one titled "Weak Acid Titration and Buffer Capacity." My email addy is tushara at u dot washington dot edu

Thanks! <')))>
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Subject:Blood Red Moon
Time:7:23 pm.
Who's catching the lunar eclipse right now? I have a pretty wicked view from 14 floors up on First Hill.
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Time:7:47 pm.
Mood: excited.
title or description

(Don't mind the shakiness; I don't have a camera stand.)
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Time:10:58 pm.
Hey, i'm curious if any of you are CHID and Photography majors.
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