October 25th, 2004

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Hate making bibliographies because every different type of source needs to be cited slightly differently?

Citation Machine is an interactive Web tool designed to assist teachers and students in producing reference citations for crediting information from other people. You merely...

1. Click the type of resource you wish to cite,
2. Complete the Web form that appears with information from your resource, and
3. Click Make Citations to generate standard MLA & APA citations.


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To all you seattleites...
My partner and I are giving a talk on our oh-so-queer experiences in prague here at UW on thursday at 1130.
Come watch and you will be titillated and informed.
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All: We are delighted to announce an upcoming colloquium by two of our own Majors. The details:

Presenters: Sidney Lewis, Women Studies major
Samantha Hatzenbeler, Women Studies major

Title: "Feminist and Queer Identities in the Czech Republic: Two Queer
Students' Perspectives on Modern Central European Attitudes Toward Feminism and Homosexuality"

Date/Time: Thursday October 28
11:30 AM - 12:30 PM

Location: Women Studies Conference Room
B-110G Padelford

Please come and hear the thoughtful ideas and reflections of two of our
students. And feel free to invite others who might be interested.


Judith A. Howard
Chair, Department of Women Studies
Professor of Sociology
Box 354345
University of Washington
Seattle WA 98195-4345

Ph: 206-543-2245
Fax: 206-685-9555
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I'm trying to decide between two NW courses. I'm not a science person, so I need really easy-to-comprehend NW classes so that my GPA doesn't suffer.

Here's what I'm considering:

ESRM 101--Forests and Society taught by GREULICH
OCEAN 102--The Changing Oceans taught by STRICKLAND

I took ESC 110 and got a 4.0, so I'm looking for something similar to that. Is the online version of OCEAN 102 easy? What do you all recommend? I hate to sound like a slacker, but I'm going to be taking some upper-level English courses, so I need a slacker NW class to even things out. Thanks!
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How hard is it, really, to register for classes when you're a freshman and have the lowest priority in the world? Like, am I going to be able to find enough classes open, say in the liberal arts, to be a full time student? That would be dramatic.
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hall health

hey, i'm looking for opinions on Hall Health... i'm trying to decide whether or not i should make it my primary care clinic. is it crowded? hard to make an appointment? are they people nice there? etc. thanks!