October 22nd, 2004


Upcoming Films at Consolidated Works!!!

Hey everyone,

Consolidated Works, the Pacific Northwest’s only multi-disciplinary contemporary arts center, is showing some *great* films as part of their fall consolidation series "Instinct" (an eight-week exploration of a theme through art: visual art, film, music, theater, and lectures). Hope you can make it!

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 22-24 at 8pm at Consolidated Works
The Blonds
(Albertina Carri, Argentina, 2003, 89 min.)
Orphaned nearly two decades earlier by Argentinas brutal military dictatorship, filmmaker Albertina Carri sets out to reconstruct the lives of her activist parents, but finds that traditional documentary methods are wholly inadequate. Instead, Carri has created an unclassifiable hybrid of documentary and fiction (with claymation interludes thrown in the mix) that brilliantly illustrates the destructive power of the state, which has so fully erased all traces of these two lives that the only way to tell their story is to rebuild it, from the very beginning - and the filmmaker has to develop an entirely new method of documentation in order to do it.

"Unpretentiously poetic and casually stylish, yet perversely precise."
"**** - Highly recommended." -David Sterrit, CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR

Fri.-Sun., Oct. 29-31 at 8pm
Other People's Pictures
(Lorca Shepperd & Cabot Philbrick, USA, 2004, 57min.)
Why would anyone want to buy someone else's family photographs? In the heart of the Chelsea Flea Market lies a repository of snapshots that have been abandoned or lost by their original owners, but which have the hope of a new life in the collections of perfect strangers. For some, the quest is purely aesthetic. For others, these found photographs have a deeper significance. OTHER PEOPLE'S PICTURES provides a charming introduction into a delightful subculture of whose existence few are aware.



Okay, so... when did they send out bills for tuiton? Because I swear I never got one, and now I have a $120 late fee! When the hell was it due in the first place?

Does anyone else find it fucked up that they send out tuition bills like a week before they're due, and then charge you disgusting late fees? Even though they have it up online for weeks and presumably could give you a little more time to pay? And that it costs, like, hundred of dollars to pay online with a credit card?

You know, the libraries send you reminders that your books are due--BEFORE they start charging.

*Sigh* Well, it's my last year. I guess it's pretty amazing I made it this far without paying huge fines. I mean, it's only, you know, a month worth of gorceries, or something else I don't really need...
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