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Wednesday, October 20th, 2004

Time:12:35 am.
What does this mean? It's written in the notes of a class I want to take.


Does it mean that HSTAM 205 is not being offered next quarter?
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Time:12:14 pm.
how would i clear out my extended_log ? Read more...Collapse )

also, i guess by working at the IMA i have staff.washingtonging.edu webspace, how would i upload stuff to that w/ the SSH file transfer thingy, i already use it for my dante account.
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Time:12:32 pm.
Hi. I was wondering if there were any die hard Red Sox fans that might want to watch the game with a stranger tonight. It probably wouldn't be weird because if nothing else we would always have the Red Sox to talk about. I get the impression most people are rooting against New York, but it'd be cool to be with someone who loved BOston. You can email me at prwalton@u.washington.edu or comment here if you'd like to. Either way, keep the faith!
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Time:1:33 pm.
Big Fall Lecture Series?

I remember the year before last the UW had a 'Fall Lecture Series' that had to do with the brain, i forget what last years was, i tried to find out info on this years (if there is one) but couldnt find any.

anyone know what im talking about?
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Subject:Local Phone Lines: Qwest of Comcast?
Time:4:29 pm.
I meant to ask this before, but I was wondering if there was a difference in price/quality/whatever between Qwest and Comcast's basic local phone plans. I've actually signed up with Comcast already, but I just wanted to make sure Qwest wasn't too much better...
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Time:6:41 pm.
What kind of fish do you all have? I need a sturdy one that will last. I'm considering getting one for a roomate whose fish all keep dying.
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