October 19th, 2004

from uwnews.org

New propulsion concept could make possible 90-day round trip to the red planet
FROM: Vince Stricherz vinces@u.washington.edu 206-543-2580

A new means of propelling spacecraft being developed at the University of Washington could dramatically cut the time needed for astronauts to travel to and from Mars and could make humans a permanent fixture in space.
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Man, playing Halo in a full computer lab (OUGL at 12:30) when other people need to do actual school-related stuff just seems rude.

Then again, I suppose LiveJournaling about it isn't much better!
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Interested in making $10?

I need 3 people to help test a prototype for one of my classes. We'll ask you to do some very simple tasks with the prototype; we're testing the prototype, not you! We just need 1 hour of your time on Wednesday, and you'll be paid $10 in exchange.

You need to be a frequent commuter, familiar with the greater seattle area (major freeways), and *not* be a "techie" (no computer science majors please).

If you're interested, email me at gopunk.livejournal@spamex.com and we'll set up a time to meet tomorrow.


telephone solicitation in the dorms

I heard a roomer that the reason us on-campus residence are getting so much solicitation via phone lately has to do with ASUW voting to sell all our names and numbers to some big company last year to make $100000. Is this true, and, if so, is it legal? Didn't I sign a contract that says UW won't give out our names and numbers unless we want them to?

That being said, I had a lot of fun last night with a solicitor; I got him to cuss me out and hang up on me. I recommend doing whatever you can to piss them off: have phone sex with them, act like you're committing suicide and make them convince you not to, ask them out. I don't think there's anything they can do; after all, didn't they call you? Whatever the cause of all this phone solicitation, I'm pissed and I want it to stop.
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Has anyone here taken the Friday and Saturday section of Dance 101? How is it? What happens in the Saturday portion of the class? I am trying to decide if it is worth it to me to take a hour and a half class on Saturday morning.