October 15th, 2004

fleur de lys

just felt like saying..

It doesn't pertain to much, I know, but I just felt like saying.. thank you DC++.. I am now able to listen to as much super awesome "paul oakenfold", "the used", "the postal service".. etc, etc. stuff as I wish, yay. I finally caved in only a week ago and finally downloaded DC++, I went all yr. last yr. without it, amazing.

(no subject)

Okay, it's happened one too many times to me now. When you're crossing the Ave at Campus Parkway, right next to Schmitz, DONT WALK IN FRONT OF CARS!! Yes, you might be late for class. But today I came pretty close to hitting a group of about 15 of you that decided to walk in front of my car when I had a green light. Someday someone's gonna get hit there and it will be because they crossed at a red light.