October 14th, 2004

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How high are dorm ceilings? Loft beds?

I've been thinking on and off about running a small business making loft beds for dorm residents. I know one would have come in useful when I lived in McCarty, certainly. I see a lot of loft beds in the sample photos of dorm rooms at the HFS web site, and the floor plans for some dorms say "loftable" beds. But they don't come with lofts, do they? I assume those are aftermarket additions, so to speak.

If you were going to get a loft bed for your dorm room, how much space would you want between the mattress and the ceiling? And does anybody know offhand how high the ceilings are?

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Vote !!

Hey all--

Election Show 2004, an improvised comedy show, just received an excellent review/feature from the UW Daily.

Election Show 2004 is an improvised election where the audience votes for the President! Featuring improvised debates, attack ads and more it's the political comedy show everyone's talking about!

> "Hilarious...Satire wins big." - Joe Adcock, Seattle PI
> "Funny and politically irrelevant" - The Stranger
> "a hilarious and all-too-recognizable send-up of the political system" - James Sutter, UW Daily
> Seattle PI: Fall Arts 2004 Theater Pick
> Featured on Northwest Cable News
> Mentioned in The Seattle Times, NPR and the Seattle Sinner

See you there!

Quick Info:
> Show name: Election Show 2004: An Improvised Election
> Performances: Thursdays and Fridays @ 8:00 - October 14, 15, 21, 22
> Where: The Historic University Theater – 5510 University Way – U-District, Seattle
> Cost: $10, $8 w/student ID or $1 off with valid voter registration card
> Created and Directed by John Boyle and Douglas Willott
> Online Campaign HQ: www.electionshow.com
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Software stuffs.

I went to the Bookstore and asked about this today, but I was curious if any of you have purchased the discounted (educational discount, that is) software from there. Specifically I'm interested in Adobe Photoshop CS, Macromedia Studio MX, and Windows XP Pro (unless they have Windows 2003 for a decent price--I can't afford the ridiculous cost of it online or in stores anywhere). I'd like to get Office XP as well, or Office 2003 if it's compatible with the XP system. Anyway, I'm curious if anyone knows the prices (I didn't go to the software store around the corner, just the actual bookstore, and didn't have any time to visit the store to check prices or selection) and if they have any package deals annnd any information would be good. Thanks.
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