October 13th, 2004

Salsa Dancing

My entrepreneurship group from the business school is doing salsa lessons for a project this quarter. The instructor we have is incredibly awesome. I was wondering how much you guys are willing to pay (either per session or per package-tell me how many sessions you are willing to pay for at a time), and also if you would take salsa lessons if they were offered in the U-district. Thanks!
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Cooking Difficulties

Am I the only one who lives on her own who can't cook? I am annoyed by a few things:

1. the price of food (poultry and meat are exspensive!)
2. the time to prepare and make food
3. the equipment needed to make food
4. keeping food stocked so that you can enjoy it again
5. remembering how to cook what i liked last time and remembering what it was

Anyway, I am just wondering if anyone wants to get together and help me learn to cook. I want to be able to eat food that is lower in carbs (not pasta all the time) and healthy. I need some better ideas for food things besides tunafish, eggs, and bread.

I love to eat and I like bringing lunch to class with me. Any suggestions on how to have fun and be well fed according to my college style circumstances would be appreciated.

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I was wondering if any of you know of any protests, rallies, demonstrations or festivals going on in the next week. I love taking pictures at those events and haven't been to one in a while! Any help would be appreciated! Thanks!