October 11th, 2004

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It seems that there is not an insignificant amount of interest in beginning a L/libertarian student group on campus. I'm pretty familiar with the technical ins and outs of RSO creation and maintenance. Five people are needed to be "officers" (a loosely applicable term, since these people only need to be defined thus for the university's satisfaction). All we would need from these five are names and student numbers, if I'm not mistaken. Of course, we would need people to actually participate too, and it would be nice if the "officers" were those people.

Anyway, if those who responded to my last post (and any others) would be genuinely interested, send me an e-mail so that we can all meet to discuss things like a club constitution and what direction this club would take. My UW e-mail is eidolon (at) u.washington.edu.
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suggestions needed

right so my friend from back home near philly is coming to visit this upcoming weekend. his requests for sight-seeing already include the space needle (he wants to get a picture of himself pretending to lick it) and the downtown seattle public library. so that doesnt cover a whole weekend of showing my friend the town, so i need help thinking of other places to see. preferably i would love to hear about free things since i'm poor like every other college student. and sights that would be fun to take a picture in front of because we're having a photoextravaganza during my friend's visit! :-D

any help you folks could give me would be great. thanks!

ESS101 or ATMS101

I'm looking to add another class and it pretty much comes down to these two classes, ATMS101 with Bretherton or ESS101 with Swanson. Has anyone taken either of these classes or currently taking it? They don't look terribly difficult, I'm really just looking for 5 NW credits to get out of the way, so I don't want to mistakenly take a class with a large workload. Thoughts?