October 9th, 2004


Please take a moment and read this, we need help.

Missing since 11:00pm Saturday, October 2, 2004
Date of birth: 9/2/87
Physical description: Female Caucasian, height 5'7”, weight 115; eyes blue/green; dark brown, almost black shoulder-length hair.
Last seen driving a 1996 dark blue Toyota Camry; Washington plates - number 848KJK; with spoiler on trunk lid; custom chrome 3-spoke wheels.
Last seen wearing dark blue flared-leg bluejeans, grey t-shirt with green writing on the breast, white sweatshirt and white tennis shoes. CONTACT: THE KING COUNTY POLICE DEPARTMENT with any information 206-296-7692 -OR- the PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR: Leigh Hearon 206-240-8324
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If anyone is planning on buying a betta fish (also known as a fighting fish) please get it from the Petco on 45th. They just got a new shipment in yesterday, and they are keeping the fish in even worse conditions that usual- you know those little cups bettas live in until purchased? Well the Petco has like half the water in them that they are supposed to have. I bought my betta there today and his top fin was seriously sticking out of the water. So help a fish out, liberate him from Petco!!! It's only 2.49 plus tank costs!!

Math 327

This is a definite long shot, but is anyone taking professor Warner's math327 class in Guggenheim at 11:30? We should talk. I'm not really sure what we're supposed to be doing as the lectures don't seem to correspond at all with the text and the homework seems easier than it should, (definitely easier than math 310 homework.) I've also heard that the exams are really easy and don't involve proofs, (which seems strange to me.) By the way, I'm the guy with the laptop who usually sits up front.
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man, some of you leave too much crap in your baskets at the IMA. Lastnight we impounded everything left in the baskets from summer qt.

in other news, the football team finally won.

and in some other other news:

The top-ranked and undefeated Washington volleyball team defeated cross-state rival Washington State in straight sets last night, 30-15, 30-17, 30-20. The Huskies (13-0, 5-0 Pac-10) packed Edmundson Pavilion, smashing its attendance record with 3,673 fans.

Switchfoot, Oct 11

I've got three tickets to the Switchfoot concert on Monday (Oct 11) that I can't use. It's at the Moore Theater at 7pm. I paid $18.50+7.30 (Ticketmaster charge) back in August when they first went on sale. I'd like to recover as much of the money I paid as possible, I'd like to get the full price I paid for each ticket but it's negotiable. If interested, you can email me at krismith[AT]u.washington.edu.