October 8th, 2004

objects in space (credit: courvidae @ li

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Like Improv? Audition!

Audition for UW's only improv troupe, "The Collective". Founded in 1999, we're a troupe commited to bringing improv to the campus, as well as the community. If you are interested in trying-out, sign up in Hutchinson Hall on the annoucement board (go through the front entrance, take a right, it'll be on your left.) We are looking for 8-10 new members. No previous improv experience required.

Auditions are Sunday, 4-6 and Monday, 6-8. Sign up for an hour long group audition slot.

For questions or comments, send them to doxmully@aol.com

-Sarah Maier (director)

job opportunity

Hi guys, sorry this is not totally UW related, but it has to be due to a job.

First there was Cutco, and now a friend who goes to UW is offering me a chance to work at Mannatech, which seems kinda iffy. Since I have never heard of it, I was wondering if any of you fellow Huskies can help me out and if not, why? I've heard of other scams that have hurt college students too, and yeah, any help would be great. Thanks!