October 4th, 2004

Converse Chuck Taylor in Snow

What type of crisis is this?

I’d like to consult with you bout some computer-related disaster or emergencies. Is there any hacking or attacking techniques are like the following narrations?

The whole computer system malfunctions/ goes on a fritz because of some configurations (or settings) of certain components / characteristics of the computer (or a network) system are destroyed or altered by hackers or attackers unexpectedly. The components’ correct configurations or settings have to be found out to recover the system, In order to achieve how they should be configured, a group of professionals have to work together, or “picking braining from one another” to determine the causality relations among these components before figuring out the correct settings they should be.

Of course, it may be uneasy to recover all these settings in a short period of time. After several trial-errors or hit-misses, the experts gradually find out how these components are interrelated and eventually find out what each should be set to. Since people are able to go to some specific inferences in the fumbling processes when ruling out impossible situations. They finally found out the correct configurations of the system and whole system is again up and running.

Can anybody help to find out what kind of computer flitz / hack/ attack map this type of scenario? What are additional resources to go to for more information? Thank you!