October 2nd, 2004

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Nuclear Power Issues?

Got to understand quickly the following issues related to nuclear power generation:

1. the principles of nuclear power generation: including the explanations of nuclear reactions and how it is used and controlled in the power generation
2. the analysis of the causes of Three Mile Island and Chernobyl accidents: including the causal effects analysis
3. Lessons learned from the accidents

I have checked a lot of books—they are just way too detailed. I was overwhelmed. Would anybody kindly recommend any book that can give precise and brief analysis of the aforementioned questions—such as any textbooks or book—the ones I can cite?

Thank you!
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un. real.

Did anyone read the trash that passed as an opinion article published in The Daily today on page four? I was speechless for a full ten minutes after reading it. Comparing persecution of conservatives to persecution of gay people??? I have to wonder what it's like in her head, to be so high on herself that she thinks debates with fellow students in class is anywhere near the hate crimes directed at gays. I don't get what she wants? For us to go, "Oh, I'm sorry baby, it's so hard being a conservative. Here, we made you some clubs. This way if the evil liberals come after you with their sharp sharp words, you have a place to hide."

This is an institution of higher education. In Seattle. Duh, there are going to be a lot of liberals here.
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Just a quick word...

Just thought I'd throw out another word for all the UW-Tacoma people out there (I know I'm one :P) -- or just those who'd like to keep up on UWT stuff for the heck of it... head on over to uwtacoma and see what's up down here in T-Town :)
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color printing

Figured there would be opinions...

I have a color PDF document, roughly 20-21 pages.  I need good quality color laser printing.  I don't mind paying a few extra cents a page for quality.  Anyone have a favorite copy shop that'll do it? 

(Assuming they're going to be cheaper than going to OGL or MGH.  Especially since if I have to put money on my damn Husky card for one job, I might as well go off campus.) 
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