September 30th, 2004


The answer is laughter. Come see Jet City Improv THIS weekend and burn off those summer carbs/freshman 15 from laughing so damn hard! Reserve your tickets ahead of time at Ticketwindow

Jet City Improv is like "Who's Line Is It Anyway" on TV (but better). We have been doing live improv based on audience suggestions for the past 12 years and are now Seattle's premiere improv comedy show! Come see what all the fuss is about!

Forwarded email from the CSE mailing lists

"If you have not yet upgraded your Windows box to SP2 (Service Pack 2),
you should do so as soon as possible. If lack of media or a slow
network connection has held you back, hold back no longer...

The Microsoft sales rep will be on campus this afternoon (Thursday),
handing out free SP2 CDs - from noon-1pm - at the Dell table in front
of the HUB."

XP SP2 is doubleplus good. I recommend that everyone upgrades to SP2 unless they have a very compelling reason not to. The last several security updates that Microsoft has released (such as the GDI+ JPEG vulernability) are already patched in SP2. SP2 greatly reduces the chance of your computer being vulnerable to security attacks, and lets you know when your computer is insecure (for example, if your anti-virus definitions aren't updating).
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looking for an apartment?

I'm posting this for a friend who's looking for someone to sublet. If you're seriously interested, please email

Please help me get out of my lease!! I am leaving for the east coast
in less than 2 weeks and i need someone to take over my lease for a 1
bedroom apartment. This apt is available ASAP!!!

Deposit and last months rent is already PAID FOR.

There is an application to fill out which is COMPLETELY FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

here's information on the apartment

- 1 bedroom
- 1 large bathroom
- full kitchen included
- rent is $570 per month (this includes water, sewage, and garbage)
- inside and outside parking available (inside $50 per month, outside $40)
- washer and dryer is on every floor
- the lease is for another 9 months
- no pets
- no smoking
- fully carpeted
- dishwasher
- loads of kitchen cabinets and counter space

AND IM THROWING IN A FREE MICROWAVE with the apartment!!!!!!

the location is close to multiple bus stops and lots of good places to
eat. its only a 15 min bus ride to downtown seattle.

please contact me ASAP if your are interested. I need to find someone ASAP!!!!

Map: 4253 7th Ave NE
this is in or around U-District
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Hi. Being the genius that I am, I forgot today was my section for Sociology of Sexuality (the second hour, the discussion). I work tomorrow and can't go to the second one either. Anyone willing to let me borrow and type up their notes? I'd appreciate it a lot.

A somewhat snitty rant

To the gentleman using the toilet in Hansee last night:

Even if you’re using the stall like a urinal, and thus feel disobliged to shut the stall door, please close the outer door to the bathroom facilities. Your relieving yourself –and your bland plaid boxers- were neither sounds nor sights which I desired to confront while coming down the hallway to my door. This may not seem necessary to you now, but I assure you it will gain you points with the women and co-workers in your future.
doggy butts

For you fraternity type folks

Delta Lambda Phi, Social Fraternity for Gay, Bi-Sexual & Progressive Men,
cordially invites you to be a part of Fall Rush 2004

DLP is a nationally recognized social fraternity founded in 1986. The University of Washington's Psi Chapter began it's presence in November 2002 and currently has 3 Classes and is 10 members strong. DLP is actively involved in the campus community through volunteering and social events as well as Seattle's queer community through fund-raising and philanthropic functions .

Participating in our Fall Rush gives you a chance to get to know the brothers of the fraternity as well as find out about the fraternity as a whole.

Rush begins Wednesday, October 6th and ends Sunday, October 10th.

For Rush events, times & locations check out our Rush flyer here.Collapse )

Hope to see you there!


Nathan Condell
Rush Chair

Note: DLP does not take part in any Hazing rituals or encourage inappropriate or non-voluntary acts! DLP also does not practice "blanket bidding processes," which means you can only become a pledge if you are extended an invitation (given a bid). So make your presence known by attending our Rush functions and allowing the brothers to get to know you!!!