September 29th, 2004

registration: note of urgancy

for the uw kids who have changed their address since they've just moved to the dorms, or a new house, or whatever, please find one of those adorable people on the ave harrassing potential voters and get it changed. it's free, and it takes but 60 seconds. you have until oct. 2nd, technically, but it must be processed beforehand so anytime before friday is ideal. thanks much :D:D:D
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Vote Bull Moose!

Like politics? You're in luck! A political satire show is opening near UW.

Election Show 2004 starts up again this Thursday (9/30) and Friday (9/1) through Oct.

To start the final month of the campaign we'd like to have a full house so we have a special offer: Tickets are only $4.00! That's half off! Just print out what's below the cut tag and get in half price!

Election Show 2004 was a Seattle PI: Fall Arts Guide 2004 Theater Pick and has had great reviews! Hope to see you all there.

> "Hilarious...Satire wins big." - Joe Adcock, Seattle PI
> "Funny and politically irrelevant" - The Stranger

Quick Description:
Election Show 2004 is a completely improvised election where your vote decides the winner! Follow the candidates though a brutal primary, debates, attack ads and scandals all based on audience suggestions! Who will win: The upstart challenger or the incumbent president? Your vote can make the difference!

Quick Info:
> Show name: Election Show 2004
> Performances: Thursdays and Fridays @ 8:00 - September 30 & October 1, 7, 8, 14, 15, 21, 22
> Where: The Historic University Theater – 5510 University Way – U-District
> Cost: $10, $8 w/student ID or $1 off with valid voter registration card – Or JUST $4.00 on Sept. 30th!
> Created and Directed by John Boyle and Douglas Willott
> Online Campaign HQ:

> Full PI Review:
> PI Fall Arts Guide Pick:

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What are on-campus bicycle helmet laws?

How strictly are bicycle helmet laws enforced on campus?

Being firmly against seatbelt/helmet laws, I was wondering what the likelyhood of being given a citation for not wearing a helmet on campus would be. Thanks, folks.
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Looking for info:

Anyone know about the aikido club here? I found the website but it hasnt been updated since 2003. I even dropped by the room last week and no one was there... Hmmm. Any info would be good, thanks.
hugh laurie
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split Wall Street Journal?

do you need a subscription? i already have one for the quarter and would like to split the cost with one or more student. if you just want the online subscription, that's fine. if you want both online and hard copy, we can take it alternatively. it's all negotiable.
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(no subject)

hello all... i hope everyone had a great first day. mine went okay with the exception of the controversy and contested opinions that surround silberberg for microecon (200). some are telling me he's easy, but word in the newsroom is that he's a hardass and i should change (lefler was mentioned)... any thoughts? merci!
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Taiji practice partners?

I've just returned to school after several years, and I'm wondering if there are any Taiji (T'ai Chi, whatever system of romanization you prefer) groups meeting on campus, or people who might want to get together and practice. My primary style is Chen, but I do know a couple of Yang forms, and am generally adaptable...

(My schedule is a bit odd, though.)

I have a request...

If you live in McMahon and are on the 3rd and 2nd floor...please please please take the stairs! When you take the elevator down or up 1 or 2 floors, YOU ARE BOGUS. You are slowing down the rest of the kids who live on the upper floors, not to mention pissing them off. Fuck when I lived on the 2nd floor freshman year, I always took the stairs. It's faster to take them rather waiting 10 min to go down a 2 second flight of stairs. Do you really want to wait all that time from 11th to 2nd floor to get down to the lobby or dining? Do you really want to jump onto an elevator thats already jam packed just to go down ONE level? Seriously, come on people, if you get on the elevator from 3rd or 2nd, your ass will be kicked off so you will learn not to be a jerk. Don't be a bogus freshman...TAKE THE STAIRS!!!

*end of rant*
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Anyone have any clues?

Today I had one of the most bizzare experiences of my life on the corner of 45th and University at the Wells Fargo ATM. I'm posting this because I'm wondering if anyone knows this girl or if it's happened to anybody else.... or if anybody saw it. This is the second time it's happened to me. I was at the ATM and noticed in the machine's reflection that someone (a girl) had gotten quite close to me. Then this girl taps me lightly on my back. I turned slightly to see if it was accidental, and then felt this person put her arms around my leg (she had sat down on the ground). This girl has done this to me before, a couple of months ago in the frat/sorority area on 47th (though, that time, I was so weirded out that she didn't really get a chance to hold onto me). When I realized it was the same girl, I was able to kind of compose myself and finish my business quickly at the ATM and turn to leave. She didn't hold onto me tightly--it wasn't quite like a hug--and she didn't resist when I said "excuse me" and walked away. She didn't say anything, and she didn't follow me. The girl is African American (light skin) with shoulder-length dark brown curly hair. She's quite thin and about 5'8"-5'9", and was wearing red today and carrying a plastic Safeway bag. Anyone know her? Had this happen? Any psych majors or grads have any clues as to what this means???
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bored during the day?

I have so much free time during the day and I want to jam with other people. I have no experience playing with other people. One day I want a band, so I need the experience. I've been playing for 3 1/2 years and I need to branch out from the solo thing. So does anyone want to jam?
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