September 25th, 2004


Money Rant

Today I discovered that I had $50 left on my a la card account from summer quarter when I lived in the residence halls and worked. At the same time, I discovered that it would presumably disappear at 12:00 AM unless I did something about it. The something seemed to be to go to Ian's and spend it as fast as I could on overly priced nonperishable goods. Am I just being paranoid or does it seem that HFS is advocating an extreme form of consumerism, (in more ways than even this.) How hard is it to program a computer to make the cash role over? And why am I forced to spend a day of my wages in a period of three hours? I guess I could donate the food, but I'm just frustrated at having been away from campus where I had complete control of my finances all summer and coming back here and being treated like this. Arg!
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