September 24th, 2004

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For sale: Chinese dictionaries

As listed at the UW Bookstore:
        Course #: CHIN201
        Sections: A,B
        Title: Chinese English Dictionary
        New Price: $ 74.25
Buy my copy barely used copy, only $45.00!

XIANDAI HANYU CIDIAN (Chinese-Chinese dictionary)
Doesn't seem to be a course book this quarter but hey, it was when I bought it (for the 2nd or 3rd qtr of 3rd year Chinese, I think).
My barely used copy: a mere $35.00

anyone bored and want to jam or start a band?

I've been playing guitar for about 3 1/2 years and I'm okay. I just need more things to play, I have a bad ear but I'm getting better at covering songs but it takes forever. I refuse to look at tabs. I figure if I play with someone else, I'll get better faster, and learning a different style might make things better. I'm into classic rock, Reggae, and acoustic guitar stuff, like Howie Day, Matt Nathanson, Guster, OAR, and Dispatch. If anyone's interested just give me a holla!
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Lots of re-quests

Okay, I feel slightly stupid. I know there's some sort of lj-uw site that lets you see who is in your classes and stuff... what's the name of it?

Also, does anyone have the following books I could buy/rent/borrow?

BookISBN #Class
Biological Science w/CD ISBN: 0130819239 BIOL220
Organic Chemistry w/Grade summit ISBN: 0074246348 CHEM237

Also, I was wondering if I might be able to switch my chem237 section with someone elses. I've got the 8:30 - 9:20 thursday.

That's all... (:
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moving in..

~Ok, so tomorrow happens to be move in day # 1, and I was just wondering, in case anyone here actually works at the front desks or anything, do all students *really* have to go to the Montlake Parking lot tomorrow morning to sit around for hrs. before moving in? I'd love to just zip over to Terry at 8am tomorrow or so, and start moving in. Last yr move in was no sweat, because I 1. moved in on day 2, and 2. I was moving into little Mercer.. How terrible will move in really be tomorrow morning, anyone have any ideas..? Or, if I go straight to Terry and try to check in, will they turn me away for not having checked in at Montlake Parking Lot.. I mean.. I'm not a freshman moving in for the first time, I know what I'm doing.. so.. yea

UW Vocal Jazz 2004-2005

Are you male, and do you like to sing jazz?

Come join the 2004-2005 UW Vocal Jazz ensemble!

Auditions technically ended today, but this year, for whatever reason, we are short of men!

So if you like jazz, hot women (or hot men, as the case may be), and have the cajones, come sing with us!

If you are interested, contact Dave Cross, the director of the ensemble. Leave a comment and I'll give you his e-mail, and/or answer any questions you have.

Come on, you know you want to.
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hi all,

can anyone recommend a 1 credit class for me to take this quarter. i'm sitting at 11 credits now and need just 1 more so i can qualify for the "full time" student status. thank you so much!


Hey everyone, just wondering if anyone knew about HUBs? Do we get them for free to use for the academic year? or do we need to put down a deposit on it? Any help would be awesome... Thanks! o_O
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