September 23rd, 2004


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got a few questions -

1. any former residents of mcmahon 1051? total long shot, i know, but i have a question about the room setup.

2. i've heard that it's best to go down to UW on saturday (move-in day), check in & get your key, then go back the next day at like 6 AM so beat the move-in people. will i be able to get into the dorm? will they have activated the husky cards to unlock the door? i don't want to go all the way down there & not be able to get inside.

moving in boxes

quick question

i know that they make you leave as soon as you unload all your stuff (into your room not into the loading zone right?), how do I get my mom to help me unpack then and get rid of my huge ass boxes??

do I just park elsewhere and walk back?

note: in mercer, moving on saturday afternoon (between 3-6)

Berquist for Latin American history

Anyone had Berquist for a class before? I'm taking into to Latin American history from him, but I just saw the price of the books, and since I'm a spoiled English major who always buys her novels used for cheap, I wanted to make sure it was a decent class before dropping the dough.

Also, anyone have contact info for him? Or know about the finals for his classes? The final is scheduled for the latest possible date, which would definitely preclude me from going to Mexico over the break, but I know many times teachers have finals during the last days of class.

1 credit class

If there are any freshmen/sophomore women who think they might be interested in CSE or just want another credit, there's this credit/no-credit class that promises to be fun (I'm TAing for it!). You'll get to play with Lego robots, which I just found out are WAY more fun than they sound -- and they sound fun. Oh, and there's lots of other fun and interesting things we'll be doing.

ENGR 199B pre-142 seminar (freshman and sophomores)
1 credit
Tuesday 130-220

"Women, Computing & Collaborating" is a course is especially designed for students who haven't taken CSE142 yet. The class will include discussions of computers and how they impact our society. We will also learn fundamental computer science concepts through fun, hands-on activities. This is the perfect opportunity for freshmen and sophomores interested in computer science to learn a little about the field before jumping into a full-fledged programming course.

For more information on "Women, Computing, and Collaborating", please check out the course website at, or email Megan Reardon at

course catalog link
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~ Question: Am I the only one who doesn't know who any of my TAs or profs will be fall qtr?? Well I know my Com 202 prof.-- Lisa Coutu-- but I dont know who the TA is for the class.. or my other classes.. I guess this may be because my other classes --French 203 and C Lit 240 will more likely than not be taught be dept TA's, and I guess the depts are still trying to scramble and figure out who is teaching what class.. sigh, I just wish I knew, I'm one of those ppl. that really likes to know things in advance.. any one by chance taking French 203 or C Lit 240 this fall?