September 21st, 2004

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Has anyone taken Calc 126 and Math 307 at the same time? I've heard from people that it's practically suicide, but, I would like to get them out of the way. Tell me your experience with this if you've done it! Thanks


Hey everyone, just had a question about a phone... So we are able to bring a phone and what not, and was wondering has anyone had any problems with cordless phones while living in the dorms? I heard that it is not recommended because the lines could cross over? Any help would be awesome... thanks...

Spanish Text

Hey---I am going to buy my books today, and when I looked them up I almost had a heart attack because my Spanish text is $195.00 and they don't have it used. Does anyone have and want to sell to me [ for a cheaper price :) ]:

6 P/S SABIAS QUE (4E 03) SPAN 101 & 110 (CUSTOM)

You would be my hero!

Just out of curiosity--does anyone know why it is so expensive?
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Hey I'm copying bruisingtooeasy, but with Hagget.So let's get to know each other before we move hagget people. And yea I haven't really talked to my roomie either : / it's kinda stressin me yeah I'm in 802 (north) stop by and say hey ;D
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