September 20th, 2004

we call out for those that make us feel

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this is kind of off topic, but due to the diversity of the people in here, i felt it appropriate.

what are some good pizza places to just go in and grab a slice? these places can be in the u-district, or out.

just would like some opinions/ideas.

Just some music you might like....

THis is a friend of mine... tell me what you think of his music...I think hes extremely talented, but im not sure if my opinion is biased.....He's from hawaii.. so his music has an island feel. LEMME know...
follow the link to preview the music... and if you want anymore of his music... Let me know and I can send you some...

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Dawg Daze

This might be a repeated post; but anyhoo, I got this advert about Dawg Daze for this coming weekend, is anyone going? any new transfer students going? what is it like last year?

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i was wondering when i have to pay for the residence hall. would they send something to me telling me or my parents that i have to pay and if so when should i expect that cause i noticed that on my myUW thing it says i still dont have any money for my a la carde thing and since school starts in like a week im getting kind of concerned.
we call out for those that make us feel

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So, i'm sitting here wondering how many of you on this community i've probably had class with, perhaps maybe even sat next to at one point or another. Catch is, i haven't the slightest clue as to what you all look like.

So, i'm proposing we all post a picture of ourselves, so that the next time that someone across the room looks even semi-familiar, we can start a conversation with them about LJ. Or...rabbits. Or...Buttons. Or something.

i'll startCollapse )
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