September 18th, 2004

Gulf of Mexico

Temporary and overflow housing

My friend is transfering to UW this quarter and he signed up for dorm housing way too late because he is mildly retarded like that. Now we are a week away from classes starting and HFS is telling him that there may not be a housing assignment avaliable for him by the time school starts and he may have to go into overflow housing or temorary digs. I didn't have to go through this stuff so I am not sure what to tell him about it.

Where is temp housing?
How long are you usually stuck in this limbo of homelessness until you get a regular place?
How much space do you have in overflow or temp for your stuff?
If I let him crash at my non-HFS apartment so he doesn't have to bunk up with a bunch of strangers, will they see the doesn't-need-temporary-place as doesn't-need-permanent-place and move him down or off the wait list?

Thanks a bunch! I hope everybody else's housing situations are better than this.