September 6th, 2004


Does anybody know of any good places to go paintballing near UW? I'm new to the game so I don't know any places really other then the one I've been to(in ...Lake Stevens? Machias?)

Also does anybody like to go paintballing? I need paintballing buddies since I have none since my friend who introduced me to it just left to school and I don't wanna wait for her to come back to go again.
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a long time ago i asked if anyone knew of any doohicky that'd keep books open that wasnt a book weight or a book stand. mainly because i wanted to read in bed and for comfort reasons didnt want to use both hands to hold open thick novel sized books. well i think i've found something:

Book Magic

dose anyone have this, or something similar, dose it hold open thicker books well?

husky card account

Hey all. I have a question about the husky card. I chose a meal plan a few months ago for the residential halls or whatever and recently my mom had to pay that fee... but does that money for food automatically go on my husky card so I can use it at the HUB and stuff? do i need to open the account? cause on myuw it says there is $0. so anyway, i was confused... any help is much appreciated! :)
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thumbtacks a yes or a no?

so i'm wondering, are thumbtacks allowed in the dorms, or is it just the blue sticky stuff and tape? i know sometimes they don't like the holes in the walls caused by thumbtacks. but i had some little lights i wanted to hang, and that blue stuff would definitely not cut it. (i'm in haggett if it makes a difference)
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so what's the deal with my u-pass? I got the sticker in the mail yesterday, and I think it has a little "Sept 8" on it; does that mean I can't use it tomorrow, or is that date completely irrelevant to the card?