September 5th, 2004

beachy keen

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well, i just had a heart attack checking myuw. out of state tuition went up like 600 bucks? added to the fact you HAVE to get (crappy) student insurance as an international student... thank god this is my final year. this was probably all known a while ago, nonetheless i still had a heart attack.

Say hello to a new Dawg Daze leader!

~Yay, now I have something to do for a few days once schools starts.. this, and, finding a job, Im excited to meet some new people, help out new students, and learn some more about the school, woo hoo. Oh and you can't forget the free tshirt, hehe. Anyone else a dawg daze leader around here??
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i'm a freshman

is there a computer store on campus that sells computers/laptops for cheaper prices to uw students? and if so, where?

i haven't bought my laptop yet because i've been planning to buy it once i get up there.
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Online Store

I was in the UW last year on exchange. I'm going through a period of heart-wrenching nostalgia and I want to get some memorabilia. Does the UW have an online store? If so, can someone post the address...?