August 31st, 2004

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Independent music

one of the earlier UW posts got me thinking about the stunning lack of independent music fans representing out there on the UW campus. No specific genre or anything, crust kids, streetcore kids, straightedge kids(found one!), so on and so forth. I am of the opinion that either a LJ community or a UW campus group should be formed to precipitate people with like musical interests meeting each other. The purpose of the community/group being to communicate upcoming shows (like against me! at the vera tomorrow or today, i can't remember) and facilitate ride sharing stuff to get all the kids there. Does this sound like a decent idea to anyone else?

Edited as i'm an engineer dammit, i don't spell.

(no subject)

I am a student from California of the class of 2005, and I currently preparing for applications in the fall. However, I have a question to present to you that may seem outrageous, to most of you if not all. okay its time to confront the university issue that has been bugging me for so long.

basically in my sophomore and junior years of high school, the school had me enrolled in mostly AP classes, as there were no honors classes. It was a choice between regular and advanced placement, and I really did not want to be in the regular porgram because it is notorious for having slacker students and I did not want to be labelled in that category. well, turns out I took an extremely rigourous schedule in 10th and 11th grade and the level of difficulty severly hurt my GPA (as well as ap calculus and chem honors teacher I had personal conflicts with as well, and I ended up failing both classes, I did well in my others though). but sadly, due to such a low GPA i obtained, Im afraid of not getting into any school. But my level of extracurriculars are semi okay....theyre made up of: 490 hours completed of volunteering at the hospital, started the first Interntaional Club at our high school, to educate others about diversity, started the first Amnesty International club in our town, student area coordinator of ventura county for Amnesty Internnational, features editor for the school newspaper, academic decathalon, dance, USED to play tennis for 2 yrs but stopped for academic decathlon, volunteered with the park. Even though I took a lot of AP classes, I hear uw goes on a 4.0 scale (unweighted) and with that in mind, my GPA is very low--around 2.5 or 2.7, while my SAT scores are 1130. I'm hoping to take the ACT in the fall.

but goodness people you have no idea how nervous I am, I have to start applying in the fall, but I took a class I did bad in over the summer at the college and did really well. *sigh*. I really want to go to a 4 year college directly. blah. I just want the general take coming from uinversity of washington students. Thank you so much :-)
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