August 26th, 2004

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Hey everyone, trying to do a little autumn cleaning before school starts. I have eight CDs that the used CD store won't take because they "look too scratched" even though I'm almost 100% postive they all play fine. In the event that you buy one and it does skip, you can return it to me, no problem. I'm just asking $3 each.

1. How Bizarre - OMC
2. Dawson's Creek Volume 2 soundtrack
3. Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack
4. Human Clay - Creed
5. Mer de Noms - A Perfect Circle
6. Issues - Korn (broken case)
7. Infest - Papa Roach (broken case)
8. Awake - Godsmack (broken case)

Reply here if interested. ^_^

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Does anyone have or know where one can by a low, coffee-table-height folding table? I plan to use this as a desk, and I swear it shouldn't be this hard to find, but I can't figure out where to look.

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For trade: My Com220 10:30 section for *any other* section - just not at 10:30

why? there's another class I want to take and it conflicts with the 10:30 w/f section.

quequito estrellas


If you take an FIG... is there more than one section in your "university community class"?
Can I sign up for a FIG, and then go to a section of univeristy community at a different time?


Has anyone taken OCEAN101? more specifically, with C. Emerick? I've heard different things about the class; some say they've heard it's really fun or really easy and other people have said it's horrible, so I just wanted opinions from people who have actually taken the class. Also, what's the amount of math-related things in the class? Is there are lot of physics-related material or not? I'm hoping not...