August 25th, 2004

beachy keen

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does anyone know the closest GRE test site to the university district? when i look on the GRE online thingy, there are like 4 test sites and they seem way the hell out there. are there any around the udist? thanks!

Storage Space

Does UW have storage space for computer files? At my undergraduate school we all had like 10 MB that we could store stuff on and be able to call up from a remote location . . .

Another Question

Okay, so I found my Dante account (I'm a new student that will be starting next month) and created a directory to upload my pictures to. I'm working on a website, but I can't figure out what the URL is to the dante account. What is the generic URL address to a Dante account? All I have is the extension /da43/da19/uwnetID/pictures . . . what comes before the /da43 part?

(no subject)

Are we allowed to bring those awesome mini George Forman grills into dorm rooms? There's nothing like some grilled bread with garlic olive oil and olive spread to hit the spot while studying...

(no subject)


Hi everybody, I have a single room in Mercer, Floor 2, that I am looking to trade for a double in McCarty or Haggett. Mercer is being renovated this summer, and will have all new furniture and a new lighting system (so it is now considered the "Newest" dorm...) The dining hall in Terry (3-5 minute walk from Mercer) is also recently remodeled, and will be opening this fall. The HFS office also told me they were remodeling workout facilities. Trading is what was suggested to me by the HFS Office, so we aren't doing anything against the rules. If you're interested just reply to this post - I'll check it often.


Just Curious..

~ Well I was just sitting around, bored, and wondering: is anyone going to be living in Terry next yr?- I'll be on Terry 10- the quiet/ all girls floor, hopefully I'll at least be able to do some studying.. and also, is anyone by chance taking C LIT 240, FRENCH 203, or COMM 202..? because I am!.. bring back the sunshine