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Friday, August 20th, 2004

Subject:Tell me!!!
Time:1:25 am.
Mood: cranky.
I demand to know why working in the HUB for the UW's food places counts as work study while working at places off campus, such as Ben and Jerry's, will not count. How much study is involved in making a mocha, as opposed to a milkshake? And before you say it, I know the business has to apply for the employees to be eligible- but under the guidelines, places like Ben and Jerry's aren't "good enough" to apply.
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Subject:apartments in the u-district
Time:2:50 am.
does anyone have any positive/negative experiences with any of the following: ivy ridge, husky court, husky place ?
are there any apartments in the u-district that anyone would recommend?
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Time:1:43 pm.
anyone know why autumn qt starts on a wednesday instead of a monday?

im not complaining, but if i remember correctly the last two years we started on mondays (http://www.washington.edu/students/reg/0405cal.html#Q2)
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Subject:Housemate needed ASAP
Time:4:41 pm.
I'm in a group of seven UW students that's looking for one more person so we can move into a great-looking 8 bedroom house up near 68th and 12th, a little bit north of campus and a short ways east of the northeast tip of Green Lake. Here's the info if anyone's interested in joining us.

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