August 18th, 2004

well, it's my first-choice school

I'm going to be a senior in high school this fall, and I've decided to start writing my personal statement for admissions to the UW soon. I think I'm going to answer all three questions, but in the packet I received it says: "Responses to optional topics 2 and 3 should be limited to an additional page or two." Does this mean I should include the topics in one big essay, or should I write three different ones? Does it even matter?

Thanks :o) I couldn't find anything about this in the memories or on UW's website, so sorry if this has been asked before or something.
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Does anyone have any good leads for student jobs at UW? The "new and improved" website doesn't seem to offer many student jobs . . . I'm looking for 10-20 hours per week . . .

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In response to all the useful comments I received about Popov a week ago, I want to ask about another professor at the UW: S. Joshel in the Department of History. Good instructor? Great experience?

Thanks in advance.

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i always ask the most exciting questions on here, but i'm about to ask yet another. what is the mailing address for the top two floors of mcmahon? i know that for the lower levels, the box number is 41+room number, so 41208 for room 208. is it the same for 10 & 11? 411051 just looks weird, so i wasn't sure. i'm sure somebody out there knows, though, so clue me in so i can stop feeling dumb.