August 15th, 2004

Journalism Majors?

I was wondering if anyone out there has applied and gotten into the Journalism option of the COM major, and if so, would be willing to share (or at least me a few tips regarding it) their little essay that you turn in with your application.

I'm applying Autumn quarter, and thought I would try to write the essay thing before school starts. But, I'm not entirely sure what they are looking for with the essay. I know the prompt is like, "short essay on what led you to apply" or something, so it's pretty open.

I hear a lot of people don't get accepted, so I'm wondering if there's anything I can do essay-wise to help my chances and would appreciate any tips or suggestions.
Also if you know anything about criteria for getting in, do you think my chances are pretty good with a 3.85 overall GPA and a 4.0 in COM 202?

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I need your guys help

So at around 230 or 3am, some fucktard crashed head on into my parked pick up truck. It happened on the NE corner of 42nd & 11th. I was told by some people this afternoon that it was a Red Toyota pick up. . .late 80's or early 90's model. The drive hit my truck after taking a wide left turn and then peeled out and left the accident. If anyone knows anything about this please leave me a reply or call my cell phone at 206 353 9959. Thanks.
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Hi, I'm interested in transferring. I was just wondering if anyone could give me information regarding what you do and don't like about the city/school/state etc. What draws you to the school, how long have you been there, just stuff like that.

Thankyou =)