August 9th, 2004

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[Topic: The irony of this world]

Instead of fighting to ban people who love each other from getting married, what if more people focused their energy and money on something truly immoral?

Please do something, a quick online fax or petition takes only a minute.

Why isn't there a "War on Terrorism" in Sudan? Not enough oil wells? (Okay I know that was cheap, using the oil card). I'm a bit disillusioned right now.

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When I applied for the dorms, my friend and I both put our names as preferred room mates so we could live together next year. But when we both got our letters from housing, it said I would recieve a triple and he would recieve a double. So obviously we wont be rooming together. I thought that if you chose the person you wanted to room with, and listed the preferred halls, that you would get that person. Am I mistaken???
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I need a place to live

Hi. I guess this has been posted before, so I'm sorry for being repetitive. I'm 24, and going back to school after taking a year off. Anyway,I'm in search of a place to live, probably arriving back in Seattle around 9/10. If there's anyone in search of a room mate or just has an extra room, please let me know. I'm hoping to pay around $600/less.

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I will be a Freshman this Fall, and just wondered if anyone could tell me about Greek and Roman Classics in English? I really want to take French, and the only way it seems to do this is if I take a FIG, the other class being Greek and Roman Classics in English. Is the class easy, hard, what can I expect, etc...
Also does anyone know any good/fun 3 credit classes that I could take in addition to the FIG?