August 8th, 2004

  • unya

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Can someone tell me how Incompletes work? I have a hardship petition on hand but I hate the idea of forfeiting all the work I've done this quarter.


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Are the beds in the UW dorms twin or twin extra long sized? My mom wants to buy me sheets for next year because they're on sale, but we're not sure which size to buy. Sorry if this has been posted before. Thanks!
  • mcpat

Need an extra house mate?

I'm looking for a good place to live near campus, anyone have a room to rent or an appartment to share? I’m a new EE grad student that is clean, neat, and friendly. I’ll be flying up from California on Thursday to see what I can find any leads would be great. Thanks :-)

For those nights when you're sick of studying...

I'm looking to sell my Gameboy Advance SP and all the games I have. It's used, but only very gently (less than 5 times since Christmas, when I got it new).

I thought I'd check here before putting it up on Ebay, and I'll give it to you cheaper than the listing prices I've seen on Ebay.

The system and the 5 games are all in perfect condition, and I have everything it came with and most of the original game boxes, instructions etc. I'm asking $100 for everything, but I'll accept offers.

So please let me know if you're interested by commenting or emailing me, and I can tell you what games, etc.

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I'll be a freshman this fall but I'm moving to the U-district tommorrow...

How can I get access to the IMA before summer advising(when you get your husky card, I believe?)...or is it even possible?

Summer advising questions: Should I have not left it until one of the later dates? Will that mean I have less class choices and stuff will be filled up? Also, how common is it to get late classes (as in 10:30 +)...first thing as a freshman?