August 6th, 2004

Yo Gabb Gabba

Music Rooms

Does anyone know if the music building or anywhere else on campus (and where in the building would be helpful to!) has keyboards or pianos I can use for free and generally arent always busy people already in them?
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(no subject)

i was wondering if anyone knew of any jobs on campus or in the u-district which allow you to study/do homework while getting paid (like front desk, libraries, etc). all suggestions would help. thanks!

Duvet Set for sale

I bought a duvet set online and accidentally got the wrong color, so instead of sending it back, i thought i'd see if anyone was interested in it. It's full/queen size, and has two matching pillow shams. It's light sage colored. It's a 305 thread count "Elite Stripe Duvet/Sham Set, 100% cotton". I never took it out of the package, i just got it today. I need to sell it for 40.00. That's what i paid for it without the tax and shipping. Please e-mail me at if you're interested or have any other questions. Thanks!

fin aid questions

if i got a part-time job during the time i'm receiving financial aid, am i supposed to tell financial aid that?

and are there two different master promissory notes (MPN)? a direct loan MPN and a perkins loan MPN aren't the same thing, right?