August 4th, 2004


According to the the Seattle Times (August 4,2004), Mr. President George W. Bush is coming to Seattle.

Bush is scheduled to visit the area for a $2,500-per-person fund-raiser Aug. 13, Bob Strauss, president of the Eastside Republican Club, announced at a club function last night.

The price rises to $10,000 for a photo opportunity with the president and $25,000 for a private reception and a photo, Strauss told the party faithful.

Strauss later said he was uncertain where the fund-raiser would be held, but that he believed it would be on the Eastside.

The White House and the Bush campaign will not confirm presidential visits this far in advance.

Any UW students have more information on this? The when, where, and how of the Republican fundraiser? 'haps we as WA state students should organize a little peacable assembly and freedom of speech to welcome Curious George.

PSYCH 101 Profs

I'm retaking Psych 101 again, and wanted to know which prof was best. Phillips is one of the profs teaching it in the fall, I had him the first time, didn't really like him though, so I was wondering about the other 2, Laughlin, and Mc Dermott. Any info about those 2 would be good.

And for future people thinking about a psych major, they want a 3.0 cum GPA in 101, 202 and 209, why can't other advisors be totally honest like the advisor I saw?

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Did anybody else see the car flipped over on 11th just north of 42nd ths morning? Seattle Police had 12th to Roosevelt blocked off (I don't know if it still is,) when I was there around 9. What happened??


I've contacted Stephen D Hauschka (Biochemistry UW) and arranged a meeting with Campus for Peace and Justice, a University of Washington activist group, to discuss the future of Students Against Apathy in Washington State, and on building a relationship between WSU and UW activist groups sometime next week -- possibly Wedneday Aug 11.

A lot of us are busy studying, so we cannot devote our full time and attention toward making a difference in our communities. If we work together - get organized, there is nothing we cannot accomplish. There is so much to do, right here in our own backyard, and we should - can - do something about it. If any of you are interested in coming along, let me know.

More info on SAA:
SAA is currently recognized by Washington State University as a student club, and thus is currently bound by all the regulations that such a title holds. Our organization would like to remain non-partisan, and openly democratic – no official declarations to either party affiliates, but remain critical of our leaders both locally, nationally, and internationally.

SAA will provide an alternative network and mode of operations for the student body at WSU, and attempt to combat the apathy of the students and citizens of Washington.

SAA aims to work with other activist groups in Washington State University and beyond on like-minded issues; that are democratically set, and universally agreed upon.

SAA seeks to reinvigorate the student body government (ASWSU) at Washington State University, as we believe ASWSU is currently a glorified student entertainment board – ASWSU has a responsibility to look out for its student body’s best interests.

SAA is tired of the pacification promoted by the student newspaper, the Evergreen, and seeks to improve upon the Evergreen’s message.

SAA would like to see greater community involvement across Washington State by both altruistic and socio-political means. We aim to highlight and improve upon the number of informed voting participants, critical thinkers, and activists across the state to empower Washington communities.

- solidarity will provide strength in numbers -
educate - unite - act
aladdin sane, aladnsane, bowie

Gifts to China

So - A Question for those of you who have been to or are from China, specifically the Beijing area. IN about three weeks I will be leaving for china, and will be spending 4 months there. Among the things I am currently trying to arrange are gifts for people I meet there. What I am looking for is something affordable (I am a student after all) that is not only atleast vaguely symbolic of the PNW, but is something that might be rare/sought after to some extent in China. the quick solution (for very minor gifts) is going to be the UW shotglasses - they're cheap, gimmicky, and likely to be used ;). But I am still a little unsure on what to bring for slightly bigger gifts (of which I will probably bring about 2) - the kind of thing that might really be appreciated.

So what that boils down to is... is there anything readily available here, that would be hard to get/appreciated over there, that I would not have problems getting through customs? (Salmon came to mind, but I am not sure if I could get it through customs).


PS: Sorry, this has nothing to do with UW... this is just the best place I could think of to ask.

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i'm a freshman for this fall, and to be honest, i'm starting to feel really i so wrong for asking all these questions? i feel like i'm the only one who doesn't already know:

- does anyone have any opinion on the shuttle express and it's share ride vans from the airport? is it easy? crowded? or am i better off taking a taxi with all my luggage?

- does anyone know where this fall orientation is taking place yet?

- also, about how close would you say the sherwood co-op is from the main campus? i don't drive. would you suggest i walk/bike/commute?

and what's a u-pass? i'd appreciate that too....
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