August 3rd, 2004

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ppp with UW's modem pool (linux)

Any linux users out there who have the necessary config files for /etc/ppp/* in case I can't recover mine from my dying hard drive?  As I recall, UW's modem pool uses some nonstandard configs, but I can't remember them off the top of my head.  (It's been 3+ years since I had to mess with it.) 

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To all the gum chewers on campus: please dispose of your gum in the correct receptacle so I don’t step in it again.

Looks like the OGUL computer lab is getting a bunch of new computers installed, Yay.


I am going to be a freshman this coming fall at the University of Washington. I was just wondering what is the process for moving into the dorms? Is it crowded? Does it take a long time? Is there just one day to move into the dorms or many? Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!
marvin on mars
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arson crap

Is anyone else freaked about the arson crap going on? Every time a siren went off last night, I jumped.

Edit because the "distressed" mood was a big smiley.
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X-posted on that other community

My first post!

hey. I'm an incoming freshman, I've lived in Seattle for my whole life and went to a very progressive, queer friendly alternative high school (NOVA) with an awesome sense of community. I'm wondering if there are any other dykes on this community, what its like to be queer at UW and if its hard to find other queer people. I'm a bit concerned, coming from a tiny high school on Capitol Hill and hanging with mostly Seattle folk, that UW's size will make it hard to meet cool chicks. Also it seems that a lot of (sometimes more conservative) students from the suburbs add to the student population. I'm just wondering if you guys feel safe and accepted and all that. Any cool straight folks feel free to comment, too.
Thanks for your time!

ps. anyone going to Homo-A-Go-Go?