August 2nd, 2004

(no subject)

Hey everyone, i just moved into a small apartment and am in desperate need of a desk. I only have about 30.00 to spend, so i was wondering if any of you need to get rid of one. Thanks! You can post, or e-mail me at
oh shit son run!

money difficulities and unknowns

hey all, i'm gonna be an entering freshman in the fall and i've been hitting up the financial books to see my estimated costs. if, i did everything correctly, im looking at about a grand total of $1800 a quarter. what kind of employment hours should i be looking at to make this, and more? what i mean is, what are work hours that allow someone like me not to get so bogged down that i dont have time to study or do other things?

what do you guys do about money?? just give teach me the works. i'm so noob. i haven't had a job ever in my life.