July 27th, 2004

Dorm People: Need a Carpet?

Hey, i lived in the dorms last year, in Haggett. Well since there was no carpet, i bought some rugs. Now i have an apartment and no use for them. I have a 5x8 forest greet one, i would sell it for 20 bucks and three 2x4 (i believe, but can double check) ones that are cream, light green and beige (?) stripped that are 5 bucks each. It helped a ton with dust and allergies and added some color. They are in good condition, no stains. They are at my parents house in Redmond, so i can find a way to get them to you. If anyone is interested, let me know. You can post here, or send an e-mail to cera78@u.washington.edu.

uw med center kudos and the passing of the first full-fledged female prof of the uw

i was bored so i decided to brows the uwnews.org site:

Jul. 2, 2004
UW Medical Center ranked ninth among nation's Best Hospitals

FROM:Craig Degginger craigd@u.washington.edu 206-543-3620

University of Washington Medical Center has moved up one place in its ranking among the premier hospitals in the country, according to U.S.News & World Report's 2004 annual guide to "America's Best Hospitals," which will be updated in its July 12 issue, available July 5.
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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

University of Washington's 'Slug Lady' dies at 85


University of Washington zoologist Dr. Ingrith Deyrup-Olsen had a passion for research, education, equity -- and slugs.

"Isn't it just marvelous?" was how Deyrup-Olsen described much of life. The slug physiologist, women's studies advocate and highly regarded UW teacher died in Seattle Sunday from cancer at the age of 85.
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