July 21st, 2004

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Preserve you freedom to vote for the person, NOT the Party

Do you vote for the person? Or do you vote for the political party.

I don't think we should have to vote a straight party ticket in a primary election. But that is exactly what we're being forced to do this year.

Only one organization has stood up to the political parties on behalf of what the people of Washington State have said they prefer.

If you would like to continue to vote for any candidate, in any party, for any office in the primary election, you should all consider supporting the Grange's Initiative 872.

They're calling it the "People's Choice" Initiative. And we'll get to vote on it in November. I'm going to vote YES, because it makes me mad how the political parties and the government have screwed us over every step of the way. The political parties should NOT control the primary election process. These are publicly-funded elections and publicly-funded candidates. The people of Washington State should be able to vote for whomever they want, without limitation based on party.
This is our last chance to make sure we are free to vote for who we want to.

If you would like information on this issue, please visit the official website:


I'm urging people to support this initiative. Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to post this.
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Bad Roommate Experiences?


I was just wondering what kind of bad experiences people on this community have had with living with other people. In the dorms, sorority/frat houses, off campus houses, apartments, etc. So far I have had 2 bad experiences because of moving into places that I didn't know the people ahead of time. In your experiences, were your conflicts resolved? Did you move on to a better situation? I am wondering because some people have perfect friends out there and they LOVE their living situation. I just wanted to make sure that there are others with bad situations to compromise the good ones.
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