July 18th, 2004

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this might sound like a strange question but i heard it from one of my friends and if it's true then i would be very interested....

  • ok so i'm about to start highschool in the fall but i heard that instead of going to highschool, you can take courses at the university of washington and in two years you'll graduate highschool or something of the sort

i really want to do this if it's true but i'd need to know more about it to intrigue my mother so if you have any information about this subject at all please comment and tell me because fall is approaching.....

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Hey guys!

I was wondering if anyone out there is looking to get an apartment for fall quarter near the UW...My current lease is over in October and I HATE LIVING ALONE! I am in a studio right now...

I am open to any females either wanting to go apartment hunting with me (2 or 3 bedroom within reasonable distance to UW) or already has a room they need to rent out...I dont have a pet yet but may get one soon so I dont mind living with pets...

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