July 16th, 2004

Parking ticket

I just got a $25 parking violation while parked near the HUB in the 15 min load/unload area.

I am no longer a student and they can't connect my license plates with my diploma.
I am selling the car ASAP and moving to Swaziland, Africa in Sept for 2 years.

Is there any way this ticket can catch up to me if I "forget" to pay it?
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Faced with overwhelming demand, the University of Washington has stopped accepting applications from community college students and won't consider them until the spring and possibly summer quarters of 2005. The decision means that hundreds of transfer students who normally would expect to finish their bachelor's degrees at the UW will have to change or postpone their plans. When the university does start accepting applications, the competition to get in will be intense, officials said yesterday. And, if those students want to stay near Seattle and enter one of the UW's two branch campuses, they'd better hurry.Officials at UW-Tacoma and at UW-Bothell say those campuses, too, will be turning away students by fall.
-Seattle PI

Guess they changed those transfer guidelines after all... this sucks. :(