July 9th, 2004

question about spyware

hi fellow udubers-

i think my computer is infected with spyware, and its bogging down the system and internet. im at home right now with the pc and it's so damn annoying, especially the home page (default page) is some kind of fake search engine that's in my system or something.

i've looked at download.com and there are so many that are both good and bad and some i don't want to download for hte possibility they can be spywares too, can anybody recommend something real good? a progam that gets rid of it and scan stuff liek this? help much appreciated!
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ATTN: UW Students...

For those of you who may have missed the reports in the press, a man named Micah Painter was seriously assaulted during Pride. Three young men with broken bottles slashed a serious wound on his back, gashed his face and broke his nose.

Local activists Michael McAfoose and Donny Gallegos are organizing a show of support and protest march on Sunday, July 11th. (That's this coming Sunday.) Rally at Westlake at 4 and then march to SCCC starting at 5. At 6pm, the Seattle LGBT Community Center is hosting a benefit to raise funds to help Micah with his bills during his recovery period.

The organizers are seeking performers (musicians, spoken word, etc.) for this event; it's very short notice, of course, but if you are available and interested call the hotline at 206-333-7196 for more info; anyone seeking information on this event should call as well.

Go if you can!
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Nakama 2 CDs

In Japanese and need the Nakama 2 CDs?

I have Nakama 2 chapters 1, 2, and 3 CDs. They were required for the first quarter of Japanese 2 in Fall '03, and originally cost me too much stupid money.

They are free for anyone who wants to come pick them up TOMORROW (7/10). I'm moving soon and will be too busy elsewhere after tomorrow. I live within a 5 minute walk of campus.

Email me at kamdragon(at)gmail.com for details. I'll update when they're taken.

Thanks. :)
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