July 8th, 2004

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What do you guys think of the political environment at UW? I mentioned in my German class that I was conservative and it looked like they were ready to lynch me that very second. Is it like this in every class? It seems that the words "conservative" or "republican" are taboo here.

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i'm crossing my fingers hoping that you guys will help me out here...

for my comm project...i'm writing a paper about...why people participate in online web log communities...so!!

answer this question for me please:

why do you use xanga? or livejournal/blogger, or any site you use for your online journal postings. what motivates you to post? why do you do it?

feel free to write anything...anything will help me really!! thanks boys and girls...

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Okay... i have a question for all you upperclassmen. Or really just all students. I'm going to be freshman at UW in the fall... and everyday there seems like more things to figure out, more things to look for around campus, the campus is freaking huge, there are SO many kids going there, the money stuff, MY LORD. It seems like i'm never going to figure out where I'm going while attending this university. My question is: at what point did you really feel like you knew what the *&#@ you were doing? Is there really THAT much stuff to handle all the time?? Or am i just being overwhelmed. Is dorm life better than.. non-dorm life? Are sororities better? I've heard both sides and don't know what to do. HELPPPP

Friday night

Do you need a roommate now?

I need to move back to Seattle by Tuesday afternoon. Does anyone need an apartment mate??? Let me know ASAP! Living in a van down by the river (or in this case my truck by Montlake Cut) doesn't sound very appealing, so if you need a roommate fast, let me know.

Also, if you'd like to hunt for a new apartment with me in the U-District, Eastlake, Wallingford...let me know. If unable to find someone who needs me, I'm hunting for roomies who would like to sign a lease really soon.