July 1st, 2004

fais la fete.

feedback? [a re-post]

...because I think the server was down when I posted before

I might be switching sections because the time-frame would better fit my schedule, but at the same time I know that I'd rather have a better TA than a fitting schedule.

So I was wondering if any of you had either:
Tae Hyun Lee -- Nina Sidneva -- Yun Mi Kim -- Seong Tae Kim
for Economics (201 or any course)? What did you think of them?
-considering the Course Evaluation Catalog doesn't provide any information


(no subject)

Hey. I'm a class of 2008 and am semi-interested in rushing.... so lets hear all the goods/bads/uglies about rushing, sororities, fraternities, if theyre as stereotypical as the movies represent, if they really rip the pure innocence away from all the "fresh meat". haha thanks


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I dont know if everyone got some sort of email saying this, so im posting it here:

Communications Will Discontinue Minor

Everyone should be advised that Communications will be discontinuing their
minor as of winter 2005. The last quarter to declare a Communications minor
autumn 2004. However, declaring the minor is no guarantee that students
will be able to get access to the courses.

For more information, contact David Sherman at 206-543-8860, or