June 30th, 2004

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I am in a HUGE rut right now.

To make a long story short, I need a roommate ASAP. And by ASAP, I mean tomorrow. You can stay as long as you want, but I mainly just need someone till August, but if you need a place for longer than that, that is absolutely fine too. I'm willing to help you move, help you unpack, help you clean, etc etc etc, so long as you'll move in ASAP.

This could be much exaggerated on, but it need not be done here.

Hey Everyone!

It comes that time again when everyone's moving out, and everyone's moving in. Well, I'm looking for a roomate that can move in by July 1st, and whether it be on this community or referred to me by someone on this community, that'd be cool (as long as they're sane and all that jazz). Here are the specs:
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email me at opheliadream@hotmail.com or aim: opheliadream if you'd like more information.

U-Bookstore patronage refund: a helpful reminder

Don't know if you all have gotten your patronage refund envelopes in for all your U-Bookstore purchases from July 1, 2003 til now, but if you haven't, today (June 30) is the due-date! You can still submit it later, but they'll deduct 25% from your refund if you do. Still, you should get it in today! The main store closes at 9 pm, so you ought to have time, if you've saved your receipts!

Too bad the U-Bookstore doesn't handle course paks, though. I think I'd be getting a more decent-sized refund if I had gotten all my course paks there. =/

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Hey there-

Is it just me or is anyone else sort of peeved about the new uw parking rules (which mainly just mean that carpooling's not free anymore as well as the price being raised in Montlake).

It totally sucks for me, since I don't live on or close to campus, and taking the bus isn't really an option for me (I can't leave campus at the times I need to if I have to take the bus!)... plus, ONCE AGAIN they've raised the price of the UPASS.

It may not really seem like a big deal (since the increases aren't that huge) but it adds up. They're (the omniscient THEY who makes these decisions, probably the old farts in Geberding) already raising tuition practically every quarter and yet I haven't seen a single improvement when it comes to the quality of my classes or my professors...

Isn't there a way that the students can vote on these sort of decisions before administration goes through with it?
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