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Monday, June 14th, 2004

Subject:For future reference
Time:3:00 am.
Mood: worried.
I tried to register for Japanese 111 the first day I could register for classes this spring. Since I'm going into my sophomore year, I put my name on the waiting list with sophomore priority. However, I have not received an email about Japanese 111, I presume I did not get in. At this point it looks pretty hopeless, which is extremely frustrating considering I am thinking about getting a major in Japanese. Is there any way that I could increase my chances of getting into Japanese 111 in the future, or would my best bet be to take Japanese 134 next summer and then go into Japanese 211? Thank you.

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Subject:Bad Bush - XPOSTED
Time:3:55 am.
if anyone from the UW wants to carpool to Spokane this Thursday to protest Curious George let me know, there are 3 empty seats in a friend's car. The more the merrier. Drop your email address or phone number if you are interested - thanks~

George W, is coming to Spokane this Thursday afternoon

(June 17), to preside over a $1000 per plate fundraiser for Rep. George Nethercutt at the Spokane Convention Center and attend another, as yet undisclosed, event.

Surprise, surpise the community is mobilizing to protest.

A broad spectrum of groups/people will be meeting at PJALS (Community Building 35 w. Main)for an information sharing/logistics planning/sign painting gathering on Tuesday.

The Spokane Radical Cheerleaders are calling out for any and all activists to join us.

You know you want to come down on Tuesday (June 15 @ 6:30pm) to plan and prepare, and even more you want come cheer, chant, or just plain stand in protest on Thursday.
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Subject:Snow-Smith -- ART H
Time:4:19 pm.
Has anyone had Joanne Snow-Smith for Art History courses? Right now I am signed up with her for a 3 credit class (Venetian painting--ART H 466) and a 5 credit seminar (Italian Rennaissance--ART H 561... any insights as to the difficulty of these classes (particularly the seminar class), and how hard-assed (or not) she is as a prof???

If I don't take the seminar class, I will be taking French 102 on top of German 101, which may not be ideal. Two languages at once sounds hectic to me... but I could be wrong. Thoughts?
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