June 10th, 2004

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Great Sketch Comedy! Last Chance!

Last Chance to see Train of Thought – 1 Free

Like Saturday Night Live? Kids in the Hall? Monty Python? Then you'll love local Seattle Sketch Comedy group Train of Thought!

It’s the final weekend of our sketch comedy show Train of Thought > New York and we’re proud to offer a 2 for 1 special! Just say the secret password ‘Empire State Building’ and get one free admission with the purchase of a full price ticket. That’s only $5 each!

We’ve had a great response from critics and audiences alike:

“[Train of Thought is] a likable trio, and when they click together they suggest great things” – Bret Fetzer, The Stranger

“A must-see event for all Seattleites” - Chuck Foster, The Seattle Sinner

Plus, our theater features a full bar with drink specials and all the seating is comfy couches and lounge chairs! So come see a funny show, in a comfy chair with a stiff drink!

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More information is available at http://www.trainofthought.info/.

See you there!


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Hey Everyone!

It comes that time again when everyone's moving out, and everyone's moving in. Well, I'm looking for a roomate that can move in by July 1st, and whether it be on this community or referred to me by someone on this community, that'd be cool (as long as they're sane and all that jazz). Here are the specs:

Where: The Park at Northgate
-2 bedroom, 1 bath
-1000 square feet
-$869 total rent, meaning $434.50 per person
-Large porch area
-Outdoor Swimming Pool
-Free Tanning
-Fitness Center (weights, universals, treads, etc.)
-Large Picturesque Greenfield
-Wood Burning Fireplace
-Large Closets
-Dining Area with lit ceiling fan
-Would already be furnished (since I'm still living there)
-Free Parking
-Patrolled by Access Security
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email me at opheliadream@hotmail.com or aim: opheliadream if you'd like more information.
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please fill this out!

I need to do some surveys for my english paper and I would greatly appreciate it if you would fill this out for me!


Hometown(if you're from WA):
Approximately what social class was your family a part of(ie. upper-middle class):
When living in your hometown, did you have friends from different areas or mostly from your neighborhood?
Did you have friends of different social classes?
Have you ever judged someone based on their economic standing or area of residence?
Have you ever felt judged for the same reason?
Would you be afraid to associate with a member of a different social class and/or area of residence because of what other people might think?

Thanks a lot!