June 8th, 2004


Summer work!!!

Is anyone interested in fun weekend work in the Seattle area this summer?

Have fun in the sun while earning extra cash!

Clowns Unlimited is looking for fun, enthusiastic, responsible people to be professional facepainters for company picnics, school carnivals, festivals, and promotions.

No experience required!

Must have your own transportation!

$14-16 an hour, D.O.E.

Please email me at Keiko@clownsunlimited.com with your resume.
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Free pizza?

I noticed the Citibank folks out by Hansee again yesterday, offering free pizza in exchange for applying for one of their perma-debt high-interest cards. He said it was his first day, and that his manager had told him it was ok to be there. His manager is either misinformed or lying, so I encourage any of you who see these guys to offer them a deal: they give you a free pizza, you don't go get the campus police to escort them off campus.

I would have tried that myself yesterday, but I was in a hurry.
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Are these for realz?!?

Excuse me for my skepticism, but is The National Dean's List legitimate?!? I've heard of UW's quarterly and annual Dean's list. But this?!? Have anyone of you heard about it? I mean, is this for realz or is this just one of those fake stuff out there?

Furthermore, have anyone heard about a company called "BioMed Quest"? Apparently, I got an email in my UW account saying this: Your professional profile, which candidateseeker.com has on file, indicates you may have experience or know someone with experience relevant to the following position. I was hoping you might be interested or be willing to forward this email to an associate who could benefit from this opportunity... They gave me contact name, email, fax #, phone # and the company's URL in the email. However, the problem is...I don't remember ever going to candidateseeker.com to upload my profile!!! I mean, are they associated w/ monster.com or the UW's CSS employment thingy? Or is this also one of those FAKE stuff?

IF these things are indeed for realz, then it's all good. But still, with the recent amount of fraud-related scams that I've heard, I just don't know how much I can actually believe in all these "GOOD" stuff. Like they say, if it seems to good to be true, then it probably is. So yeah...does anybody out there have a clue?!? MUCH thanks in advance~!
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So my friend is waiting to her whether she got accepted to UW. However today she recieved an e-mail giving her a u.wash e-mail addy. Now... does this seem odd? I don't know if this is good news or bad. The user name that was used is the same one that she used for her login for her application online so maybe it's just a coincidence. She still has yet to hear from UW. And doesn't she get to chose her own UW net id? I don't know if that e-mail guarantees anything, but it seems odd that they would give her a u.wash e-mail already. I'm even wondering if she read the e-mail correctly. What do y'all think? I just wish I could give her a positive response to the questionable e-mail, but I'm not so sure what to say. Anyways, thanks!
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Journalism Major

I am applying to the Journalism option of the Communications major autumn quarter. I was wondering if anyone here has applied and can offer up an advice on the admissions essay. What are they looking for in this essay?

Also, if anyone here is in the Journalism major and knows anything about the kind of people they usually accept (meaning what is a typical GPA of a person who gets accepted, etc.) I would appreciate hearing your thoughts!

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