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Friday, June 4th, 2004

Time:3:46 am.
neat, the first hit in google for sympathetic nervous sytem is a UW neuroscience for kids website.
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Time:11:00 am.
If anyone here is a fan of affordable musical theater, a friend of mine is doing a called "Nunsense" that runs from now until Sunday, 7:30pm, in Hutchinson Hall, Studio 218. Admission is $5.

I saw it during the previews, and it's a really fun show with a lot of good songs and numbers. Anyone who enjoys that sort of thing should come see it.
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Subject:i'm just curious...
Time:2:51 pm.
as i was leaving the crocodile last night, i saw this car that i've also seen in the u-district. it's a white camry and has rad stickers on it: the thrills, barsuk, KEXP, the decemberists, and ambulance. oh, and a UW sticker too. just curious if it's anyone on lj...if so, your car and its stickers rock!
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Subject:Campus News Update
Time:4:31 pm.
Just in case you hadn't heard yet:

Lab explosion in Guggenheim Hall today
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